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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

We work with local hotels to allow you to park your vehicle in their lot and use their shuttle to and from the airport. You MUST book a reservation online in advance. You will receive a confirmation including the address, driving directions, and phone number to the facility. Simply print your confirmation and present it to the front desk to board the complimentary shuttle. For return shuttle service call the phone number provided on your confirmation.

Do I have to stay at the hotel?

NO ROOM RESERVATION REQUIRED. We partner with the hotels to allow you to park in their lot and use their shuttle service to and from the airport for free WITHOUT STAYING A NIGHT in the hotel.

Do I have to make a reservation to park?

YES. The facilities we work with do not allow drive up business. You have to reserve and pay online to take advantage of our special rates.

Where are you located?

Global Airport Parking does not own or operate any parking lots. We are a third party booking agent for airport parking. On the search results page we provide a map that shows exactly where the facility is located prior to booking. Upon confirmation you will be provided with the full address, driving directions, and phone number to the parking facility.

What if I can’t print my reservation?

You can write down the reservation number or use your cell phone to show the email confirmation. Some of our facilities require you to bring in a print out. Click on “More Info” to see the specifics for each location.

About the Parking Is the parking Safe?

Hotels: You will park the vehicle in the same lot as all overnight hotel guests. All hotels have employees on site 24 hours a day. Parking at a hotel is safer than parking in the desolate economy lot at the airport.

Pro Lots: All pro lots are fully fenced and fully secure. Most pro lots have 24 hour video surveillance.

What if I’m running late or early?
We allow for up to 3 hours leeway before and after the times you have entered for drop off and pick up. Please contact us if you are going to be arriving outside the grace period so we can adjust your reservation accordingly.
Multiple vehicles?
YES. On the “Checkout” screen you can select the number of vehicles you would like to reserve for a set of dates and times.
Oversized vehicles are any vehicle that cannot fit into a standard parking space (ie: RV’s, Trailers, Tractor Trailers). If there is not an option for the airport you are searching for indicating “Oversized” you should call Customer Service to inquire.
Valet/Self parking?
Valet means that when you arrive your car will be parked for you and you will need to leave the keys with the vehicle while you are gone. “Self” indicates you will park your own car and keep the keys with you.
Using the Website What times should I enter for drop off/pick up?
The DROP OFF time should be approximately 2 hours prior to the departure time of your flight, or 3 hours for international flights. The PICK UP time should be approximately 1 hour after you are scheduled to land, or 2 hours after for international flights.
Cancellation Policy?
Any reservation that is cancelled will be charged a $5 cancellation fee. To cancel a reservation, the customer must contact GlobalAirportParking.com (NOT the parking facility) at 954-828-0242 or support@globalairportparking.com BEFORE the reservation starts. Regardless if the parking reservation is used or not there will be no refunds issued after the reservation has ended. If you return back from your trip early you must contact Global Airport Parking as soon as you return by calling us at 954-828-0242 or emailing us at support@globalairportparking.com - we will verify with the location and end the reservation at the time of contact so please DO NOT WAIT to call us.If our offices are closed please leave a message or email us. Letting the location know you arrived back early or contacting us after the reservation has ended will NOT result in any sort of credit or refund as the space was held the entire reservation and the full amount must be paid to the location.
Can I Edit a Reservation?
In order to change the start date of a reservation you must notify us at least 24hrs prior to the scheduled start time. If you return early from your trip we will refund the unused days of parking as long as you notify us upon your return. We are only able to issue refunds for unused parking days that have not passed. For all extensions we will charge the same daily rate originally charged for the extra days with no additional fees.
We offer discounts only for returning customers. Discount codes can be found in the confirmation email you receive after booking as well as on our weekly email newsletter.
How far in advance should I book my reservation?
You can book a reservation as far in advance as you want or you could book it the same day you are traveling. We recommend booking a reservation as far in advance as possible because our facilities sell out on a regular basis.
Credit Card not working?
Make sure you enter only the numbers on the card without any spaces or dashes. Check all your information for typographical errors. All your billing information must match the credit card exactly.
I have not received an email confirmation, what should I do?
You can try to login to your account on our website by clicking on “My Reservations” and entering you email address and last name. If you cannot find it or cannot login please call Customer Service.
When do I pay?
On the checkout page your receipt will display all charges and fees; the amount to be paid online is labeled “DUE NOW” and the amount paid in person at the lot is labeled “DUE AT LOT.” The majority of our locations are hotels, almost all will require the full amount to be paid online in advance meaning the TOTAL amount and the amount labeled “DUE NOW” will be the same, and nothing will be “DUE AT LOT.” Professional parking lots will require only a portion paid online and accept the remaining majority in person at the lot on the day you drop off your vehicle. You cannot pay cash only you must make a credit card payment to reserve.
Shuttle Service How often are shuttles?
All shuttles are provided by the facility, our partners, NOT by Global Airport Parking. The shuttle schedules can be seen on the search results page by entering dates/times and clicking on “CHECK AVAILABILITY.” Each facility is different so it is important to understand the schedule for the facility you select before booking. “On Demand” indicates shuttles will run as often as needed. After you park your vehicle you will Check-In at the front desk with your confirmation to board the shuttle.
How do I get to the airport/seaport from the parking lot?
All of our lots provide free shuttle service to and from your destination airport or seaport. Shuttle details are listed for each parking facility on the search page. You may need to click on “More Info” to see a detailed description of the shuttle schedule.
Can I get to my car after the shuttles have stopped?
When parking at a hotel you can always return to your vehicle whether by taxi or other means even after shuttles are no longer running. Professional parking facilities hours of operation are the same as their shuttle schedule meaning that when shuttles stop the lot is closed and you can no longer access your vehicle.
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