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Map of San Francisco Airport

Parking lots near San Francisco International Airport

Hyatt Regency SFO

Hours of Operation: Open 24hrs
Shuttle Info: 24/7*
Parking Lot Type: Gated Garage
Parking Service: Self
4.62 out of 5 stars   (based on 1040 reviews)
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Located 2 mi. from the San Francisco Airport

GARAGE PARKING at the Hyatt Regency SFO just outside the airport. Free Shuttle is provided 24/7. Schedule: 12:06am to 4:06am(every 30 minutes) 4:06am to 9:06am (every 10minutes) 9:06am to 7:06pm (every 15 minutes) 7:06pm to 11:06pm (every 10 minutes) 11:06pm to 12:06am (every 15 minutes) The garage has a height restriction of 6'4'' maximum vehicle height. You MUST make a reservation online in order to take advantage of this internet-only parking rate. ADDRESS and DIRECTIONS provided on confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Hyatt Regency SFO Reviews
   Seth, L   posted on 8/13/2018

This is definitely the way to go when parking at SFO ; secure garage very close to airport.

   Eric , G   posted on 8/12/2018

   Mark, D   posted on 8/10/2018

Took a while on return to figure out the shuttle picks up at "Hotel" shuttle stop and not the "Off-Airport Parking" stop. Hyatt and Marriot share a shuttle bus, so if you look closely you can see the logos and flag them down.

   Sonja, D   posted on 8/9/2018

All instructions were clear and accurate. Shuttles arrived frequently, and attendants were helpful.Parking lot was well lit,and we had no issues.

   Dinesh, R   posted on 8/9/2018

Our experience at the Hyatt Regency SFO valet was the worst ever. The valet attendant (Ken) was totally rude and used abusive language and tone. He was derogatory in his conduct and made me feel horrible and extremely insulted. I reported the incident to Beverley at the hotel who was very helpful. People like Ken should not work at such a service role. He is a shame to your company and to Hyatt. I strongly recommend you to take firm action against Ken.

   Jeff, R   posted on 8/8/2018

Very easy and professional. Would use them again!

   Fernando, G   posted on 8/8/2018

Good price and great location.

   Ariel, D   posted on 8/7/2018

   Rod , C   posted on 8/7/2018

Very efficient for flying out of SF.

   floura, n   posted on 8/6/2018

   Alan, C   posted on 8/6/2018

Great job. Well done! Thank you!

   Bart, E   posted on 8/6/2018

   Nigel, A   posted on 8/6/2018

Great service! I am going to use this service again and would recommend to others.

   Trei, B   posted on 8/5/2018

Really convenient,reasonably priced and very close to the airport.

   John, Z   posted on 8/5/2018

   Paula, R   posted on 8/5/2018

Yes yes yes...this was so easy. Did not want to hassle with airport parking. We stayed a night at the Hyatt Regency and flew out VERY early in the a.m. We returned a week later and easily grabbed the Hyatt shuttle at the airport to return to our car. Highly recommend.

   Derek, W   posted on 8/4/2018

The shuttle driver on the return was a little rude. I parked at the Hyatt and there were no clear instructions on how to exit the parking garage. The Hyatt employees were also not familiar with the process. I had to go through a few people before I found someone to let me out.

   Suyog, D   posted on 8/4/2018

We had to wait for 30+ minutes at the airport after arriving from our holiday. The shuttle service was very bad, and we are not considering using the Hyatt parking again in future. Although expensive, we opted for this location since we had a good experience in the past. But we will look for other cheaper and good service options in the future.

   Erik, P   posted on 8/3/2018

Really easy. I will stay again for sure.

   James, T   posted on 8/2/2018

Very good experience thanks

   Edward, W   posted on 8/2/2018

Easily found a space inside the garage. The hotel however did not provide any signage explaining how to transfer luggage from the garage to the front of the hotel to catch the shuttle. We only found out when we returned where there was a ramp for that purpose. No problem though with getting an exit key but took a minute to figure out where to place it in order to let the gate down to exit.

   Andria, R   posted on 8/1/2018

   Edward F, H   posted on 7/31/2018

Fast, efficient service and assistance, no problems. My second reservation this year. Will use it again. Thanks.

   Richard, A   posted on 7/31/2018

   Bezu, A   posted on 7/31/2018

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