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Parking lots near Oakland International Airport

Park Fly and Save OAK

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.26 out of 5 stars   (based on 431 reviews)
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Located 1.2 mi. from the Oakland Airport

Fly N Save at our safe & secure lot and Save! Conveniently located 5 minutes from the terminals at Oakland Airport. Free shuttle service and luggage assistance included with your online reservation. Our complimentary shuttle runs 24 hrs on demand. Which means there will be immediate shuttle service available 24hrs a day. Reservations must be made online in advance. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

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Park Fly and Save OAK Reviews
   Susan, M   posted on 3/22/2015

   Glynda, O   posted on 3/19/2015

I was very disapointed. The attendants were not nice at all. The first one when I arrived kept my reservation sheet and then when I returned the attendant refused to use the number off my phone and said I needed a print out of my reservation and charged me $68.99 even though I had already put a $12.00 and some odd cents deposit down. So I am not pleased. Glynda Orr 559-706-1728

   Dawn, F   posted on 3/17/2015

Basic lot.Shuttle to OAK was timely and bumpy ride. On return, I called for shuttle. Stood in the correct area.I see the van, try to wave to stop, but clearly full.Call lot and find there is only one shuttle & must wait 20-25 minutes. Frustrating as I had to get to work & had to hire a taxi @ $13 for a 3 mile ride!If lot knows lots of travelers are arriving, have more service!!

   Brian, L   posted on 3/15/2015

The only issue I had with our experience was the ease go getting on and off the van used to shuttle us to and from the airport. The vehicle used was a conventional 10 passenger van, not the typical shuttle bus used by other operators. It was difficult to get in and out of the van, especially if you sit in one of the rear seats.

   Peter, L   posted on 3/15/2015

This was a very pleasant experience with a parking lot near an airport, in the overall. My wife and I were very pleased with both our arrival at the lot and being transported to the airport in the late am; and with being picked up at the airport at 10:45 pm very quickly and taken back to the lot to retrieve our car. Everything went very professionally and with great staff rapport at both ends of our use of Park Fly and Save OAK. And the price was great too.

   Courtney, S   posted on 3/14/2015

You need to instruct your booth attendants how to ask the CUSTOMER if they have an internet reservation. We had problem with paying the full price, then the attendant not being able to credit back out wrong price for the correct price. We now have two charges on our account. Please remove the higher priced one.

   Joy, M   posted on 3/12/2015

Shuttle was dirty and smelled bad.

   Patricia, S   posted on 2/12/2015

   Vicki, M   posted on 2/2/2015

I called reporting that because of the similarity of names I parked at the wrong park & ride lot. When I called to request a refund or credit the person said it was not the policy of your company to do that. I have heard that others have had this happen and other companies have given a refund or credit. I am extremely disappointed in your company and it's policies. I will never consider your parking facilities again unless you can offer some kind of reparation, and will let others know.

   Lisa, B   posted on 1/27/2015

Shuttle was prompt in getting us to the airport. However it took well over a 1/2 hour for the shuttle to arrive after we called at were at the pick up area. When we got back to the parking lot there were 3 shuttles sitting vacant and no other drivers in sight.

   Alan , B   posted on 1/26/2015

very good service

   Luke, S   posted on 1/22/2015

   David, B   posted on 1/22/2015

   James, P   posted on 1/21/2015

You need a more prominent sign facing up-traffic(and street number posting) we drove past and had to make U-turns to get back to it (luckily we were early). The present sign faces the street (can't see as is approached) and has a bush in front of it. The "goods" above for promptness and attendants were close to excellent.

   Carl, Y   posted on 1/20/2015

   Charles, T   posted on 1/18/2015

Easy to park and easy and fast to airport

   Kathi, K   posted on 1/16/2015

This was a very easy way to park and get to the airport. We did not worry about our vehicles our entire trip. Remember to hang onto your green check-in ticket until you check-out need the number on it to process. Also need print out from reservation to check-out.

   James, V   posted on 1/14/2015

When exiting the attendant was charging me an additional $41. I had already paid $ 7 on line and had a balance of $29. Thankfully I had my paperwork. What's up with that?

   R, S   posted on 1/12/2015

We had the same driver leaving and on our return. He has a great sense of humor, and is very in tune with the customer.

   David, H   posted on 1/10/2015

The three employees I came into contact with were all very courteous and pleasant. I've never used an airport park and ride type facility before but I definitely will again!

   Ronald, L   posted on 1/3/2015

   Robert, M   posted on 1/2/2015

You need a bigger/better sign in front of your lot.

   D, L   posted on 12/31/2014

The shuttles use the same exit as paying customers so you if you're in a hurry you better hope there aren't cars lined up to pay. When we called for a pickup we were told the van would be there in 10 minutes. After 15 min it hadn't arrived (and it was REALLY cold & windy) so I called again & was told it would be there in 3 min. It took 5. A small van came and there were several people waiting so we were crammed in pretty tight. At the lot there were 3 unused big vans just sitting there. Why?

   Cynthia, S   posted on 12/29/2014

A little hard to find. Signage good in one direction, very poor in the other direction. Called for help and attendant was friendly and helpful. Parked car got right on shuttle and in minutes was at airport. On return a week later had prompt pick up curb side, dropped off at car, payed and we were on our way home in less than 30 minutes. :) I would park my car here again.

   David, R   posted on 12/28/2014

When returning to airport, the agent on the phone was curt and unhelpful. They sent a shuttle that was NOT big enough to hold the party in front of us and our party. I had to phone a second time to tell them to send another shuttle, and it took a very long time. I saw THREE of your competitors' shuttles go by during this time. The agent wasn't able to figure out the balance without looking at the receipt on my phone. On the plus side, the drivers were helpful and courteous in both directions.

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