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Super 8 IND

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs Every 30 Minutes
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.58 out of 5 stars   (based on 793 reviews)
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Located 4 mi. from the Indianapolis Airport

Super 8 Hotel provides secure self parking for your vehicle while you travel out of Indianapolis Airport. Our shuttle runs 24 hours a day to and from the airport every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour. 4 PERSON MAX PER VEHICLE ON THE SHUTTLE. You MUST book online in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Super 8 IND Reviews
   Kathy, P   posted on 5/27/2015

This is the first time I've used Global Airport Parking. Extremely satisfied with the service. Will be using your company again!! B. Kathy Poe :)

   gerald, c   posted on 5/26/2015

   Deb, S   posted on 5/25/2015

When I first arrived to park, I was sent to another location and then waited for shuttle to arrive. Staff not sure what to do. When we returned, called for shuttle and waited 30 min and shuttle did not arrive. Called a second time and was told he had returned and shuttle was sent again. Second time had to wait 15 min for a flight crew so was late for dinner reservation. Should get cell number so driver can call if he does not see you for pickup. Will never use again. Completely unorganized.

   Thelma, M   posted on 5/24/2015

   Charles , J   posted on 5/24/2015

After waiting 25 minutes, called the shuttle a SECOND TIME and found out they still had not even left to come to the airport. So much for "call for immediate pick up"

   Kelly, L   posted on 5/24/2015

   Samuel, W   posted on 5/24/2015

Thank you! You were extremely kind and efficient. We will recommend you and use you in he future.

   judy, s   posted on 5/23/2015

Just don't understand why every time I check in at Super 8 I am told to go park at another hotel...just wondering

   Rebekah, H   posted on 5/19/2015

Upon return to the airport there was a mix-up in being picked up. I called the number twice that was provided for Super 8 and told the man we had been waiting an hour which could have been either of our faults. The response was why I may never use the Super 8 service again. He told me the shuttle had been there and if I had a problem to just to take a cab! He was so very unprofessional! I did not appreciate working with Super 8. Cambria staff and the driver was helpful.

   Bryam, N   posted on 5/18/2015

I was very happy with this service and will use it again for my next trip.

   Charles , F   posted on 5/18/2015

If the need arises I will use this service again

   patsy, c   posted on 5/16/2015

   john, q   posted on 5/15/2015

Disappointed in price as an unknown "service charge" was added on which made the fee very comparable to parking at the airport. Total fee was $27.49 vs. $36.00 at airport economy lot for four days. Also, on arrival, had to wait 35 mins for shuttle. It was 50 mins. from picking up my bag to getting in my car--too long, especially when savings were meager. All my prior experiences were very good, mainly at Ft Myers airport in FL. Will continue to use Global, but not in Indy.

   Tim, L   posted on 5/14/2015

   jim, p   posted on 5/12/2015

   karen, k   posted on 5/11/2015

Found parking lot easily, but shuttle very late for our departure time. I was pretty nervous and ready to call a cab when shuttle arrived. Our pick-up from airport was timely and everyone was very courteous.

   Sara, B   posted on 5/10/2015

The seat belts in the shuttle didn't work. We were running a little late when we arriced , I checked in at the front desk and asked when the next shuttle would be leaving, explaining I was running late and I was afraid I was going to miss my flight. I was the only one in that time slot waiting for the shuttle, instead of leaving promptly, the rude buss driver insisted on smoking 2 cigerates then leaving. I was dropped off at the departures gate, not the arrivals. Which made me even more late.

   Kimberly, S   posted on 5/8/2015

Very convenient and extremely easy.

   Scott, D   posted on 5/7/2015

Arrived at airport and called as we were instructed. The lady took my phone number. There was a delay getting our luggage and we missed the shuttle. We waited 30 minutes for another which never showed. I called and was told it was 3 minutes away. Waited another 15 minutes and called again. Told it was on it's way again. Called a fourth time and the driver threatened to hang up on me if I didn't talk nicer to him which infuriated me even more. When he finally arrived he blamed us for the issues.

   Patricia, D   posted on 5/7/2015

My first time using a park and fly. Once I found the facility (thanks to GPS) it was easy. I will say that the clerk at the counter at Super 8 wasn't very helpful, but then again, not a hinderance either. The driver for your van was wonderful and helpful. When I called for pickup, the person was very helpful in guiding me to the proper picup location. The van pickup was quick. All in all, a good experience and one I would use again.

   LaShaunda, R   posted on 5/5/2015

The only "bad" thing that occurred was I went to the hotel listed, got out my luggage, and was then told I needed to go to another hotel. Once I got the luggage back in the car and went to the secondary location, it was smooth sailing!!

   Jim, M   posted on 4/23/2015

Very good experience. Staff was helpful and courteous; drivers prompt and attentive. The lot was convenient to airport and saved us money. Will use again.

   Jonathan, R   posted on 4/22/2015

   Duane, S   posted on 4/20/2015

Great Service

   Ken, M   posted on 4/20/2015

Easy to find and not to far from the airport.

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