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Super 8 IND

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs Every 30 Minutes
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.57 out of 5 stars   (based on 772 reviews)
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Located 4 mi. from the Indianapolis Airport

Super 8 Hotel provides secure self parking for your vehicle while you travel out of Indianapolis Airport. Our shuttle runs 24 hours a day to and from the airport every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour. 4 PERSON MAX PER VEHICLE ON THE SHUTTLE. You MUST book online in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Super 8 IND Reviews
   Jim, M   posted on 4/23/2015

Very good experience. Staff was helpful and courteous; drivers prompt and attentive. The lot was convenient to airport and saved us money. Will use again.

   Jonathan, R   posted on 4/22/2015

   Duane, S   posted on 4/20/2015

Great Service

   Ken, M   posted on 4/20/2015

Easy to find and not to far from the airport.

   M, M   posted on 4/20/2015

It took > 30 minutes for pick up on both sides

   Courtney, J   posted on 4/17/2015

   Mary, S   posted on 4/17/2015

We had a great experience using Global Parking in Louisville recently. It wasn't quite so great this time in Indy. Actually the getting to the airport shuttle was fine. It was the getting picked up that didn't go so smoothly. We would like to have been picked up in a more timely fashion - maybe 15 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes. Finding the parking lot was hindered because the street we had to turn on had different names, and we only noticed the wrong name and missed the hotel by far.

   teri, s   posted on 4/17/2015

We had no problem getting a ride to the airport but when we returned from our vacation exhausted and tired we waited for over an hour and still no shuttle after 6 phone calls we ended up taking another shuttle which cost us extra money to go and pick up our car. An hour and a half later we finally got our car I would not recommend this shuttle service or parking area.

   Matthew, R   posted on 4/16/2015

there are 3 different hotels by the same parent company. You have to check into one, then go to whichever they tell you to go to, which changes (i've had to go to two different ones two separate times, never the one that I actually check in to, which is a little annoying). Shuttle to pick me up from the airport took 45 mins to an hour to arrive, despite the hotel being 10 minutes from the airport..that was the worst part. Otherwise, fair rate for a clean parking lot. Driver was nice at least

   Michaelangelo , M   posted on 4/13/2015

Interesting that the hotel representative gave me a business card with a different company name and told me to book through that website during my next booking. He stated that the cost would be cheaper, I checked into it and they were actually the same cost, not sure what his intention was it was all a bit shady for me. Maybe need to find a different location to park on upcoming flights.

   Josh, T   posted on 4/12/2015

Waited almost an hour at the airport for the shuttle. Not sure if we will use again.

   Donald, G   posted on 4/9/2015

I was directed to a different hotel parking lot due to the parking lot being crowded. That was not a problem. I was dropped off at the wrong hotel on the way back and had to walk a mile or two to my car. I was offered a trip over there but would need to wait 30-40 minutes.

   Claire, V   posted on 4/9/2015

I went to the Super 8, but I needed to park at the Cambria across the street, which would have been nice to know. The woman at the desk at the Cambria was nice and helpful. The driver did not speak at all and her driving was jerky. My flight landed at 2005 and I called the shuttle. I had to wait for my bag, so I got out to the pickup point about 2037. I didn't get picked up until 11:15. I saw multiple shuttles come and go multiple times from other hotels. Definitely not a fast option.

   Mary Jane, M   posted on 4/7/2015

We were thrilled that you were able to switch us to the lot in Plainfield. It was perfect. We are so pleased with your service. The shuttle driver was great, on time and friendly. We would recommend you folks to anyone. Mr. & Mrs. Marshall

   JOHN, K   posted on 4/4/2015

   Kathy, G   posted on 4/3/2015

Quick, convenient and safe. Check-in was easy, the shuttle was right on schedule for afternoon drop off. Got back after midnight and shuttle was at airport within 20 minutes. Have used same location before and will again.

   karen, b   posted on 4/2/2015

Good Value

   Summer, N   posted on 3/31/2015

   Amy, P   posted on 3/31/2015

   Kimberly, B   posted on 3/31/2015

It took 37 minutes to be picked up. I called as soon as our luggage arrived. I couldn't understand the person on the phone but using the service before and being familiar with the airport I knew where to go. Called after 27 minutes and they said she left and would be there in 3 minutes. 10 minutes later she showed up. Really got the impression that she wasn't informed. She was courteous and nice. I'm sure I've driven with her before. We were dropped off at the lobby instead of our car.

   Joan, L   posted on 3/30/2015

My driver spent a lot of extra time and effort helping me find my car after midnight. I appreciate that so much!

   John, M   posted on 3/30/2015

A very POOR service that relies on Super 8 Hotels in Plainfield, IN. We were picked up > 1 hr after calling; no one at the Super 8 Hotel was available to talk about the problems. The shuttle showed after 3 calls; I received a different story each time, with more tales. The driver was not courteous; seemed overworked. He stated that we just needed to "Take up our concerns with the Ownership" Slamming doors on the van.

   Dennis, N   posted on 3/29/2015

They called us after 10 minutes saying it would be 30-40 minutes longer because the owner was driving and there were no others. This is not the first time waits exceeded 30-40 min. Saturday eve around 8:00. Have used this service for years and thanks to this owner never again!

   Susan, C   posted on 3/28/2015

I could not understand the person when calling for the airport pick up. My husband called back to try to translate what van we were looking for. It's been 20 min & we r still waiting. A place with shelter from the cold temp would have been nice while waiting

   jack, z   posted on 3/26/2015

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