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Super 8 IND

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs Every 30 Minutes
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.49 out of 5 stars   (based on 530 reviews)
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Located 4 mi. from the Indianapolis Airport

Super 8 Hotel provides secure self parking for your vehicle while you travel out of Indianapolis Airport. Our shuttle runs 24 hours a day to and from the airport every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour. 4 PERSON MAX PER VEHICLE ON THE SHUTTLE. You MUST book online in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Super 8 IND Reviews
   Bob, T   posted on 8/30/2014

We called when we landed were told shuttle was dispatched & it wasn't. We waited 45 min. We were delayed in June the last time we used the service.

   David, L   posted on 8/30/2014

My shuttle was waiting for me on my departure. Once I landed, I called the number and by the time I got outside, it was there waiting for me. I appreciate the fast, friendly service.

   Kevin, T   posted on 8/29/2014

Reason not excellent rating is because after I arrived and set up & parked car, I went to desk and was told I needed to move car across the street to Cambria Hotel; because lot was going to be re-surfaced at Super 8. [I should have been emailed or called ahead of time about this.]

   Generoso, Z   posted on 8/28/2014

Safe place Shuttle divers are very courteous I am very satisfied and will park again at the same place if available. Thank you

   N, N   posted on 8/26/2014

Better deal than airport but hidden fees don't make it as good as it seemed.

   Gary, W   posted on 8/25/2014

   Gary , G   posted on 8/25/2014

We arrived at Super 8 for the 5:30am shuttle to airport. We could not get on it because there were too many people for our group of 4 to fit. Waited for 6:00 shuttle but did not go directly to airport. Had to go to two other hotels for pick ups and then had to drop off a hotel guest at some office on way to airport. Our plan left at 7:10 so time was getting tight. Pick up upon return was terrible. Took about 45 min. and three phone calls to finally get someone there to pick us up.

   Jonathan, W   posted on 8/25/2014

Trip to the airport was no problem, driver was excellent. For the return trip, waited one hour for the shuttle, van was not marked with Super 8 logo, driver did not announce himself, did not offer to help with bags or even speak to me at all. Frustrating return trip.

   Sarah, S   posted on 8/25/2014

I had no problems at all with booking my reservation and even extending it one day at the last minute. The only problem we did have was the hotel staff was very difficult to understand and did not give us detailed information on where we were to be picked up at the airport, which meant I had to call 3 times and keep asking questions until he gave enough information that we understood where to go.

   jerrold, m   posted on 8/23/2014

On departure desk forgot to call van for pick up. On pick up very prompt but others had called for pick up before I did and they only waited 10 minutes. I waited only 5 minutes. Overall service fair - good. On a previous use of the Super 8 driver said if van does not arrive in 15-20 min call again as the front desk sometimes fails to notify the driver someone is waiting.

   Lynada, P   posted on 8/21/2014

Super8 told me to drive to Wingate and walked off so I missed the 6am shuttle. When I got to Wingate no one was there so I waited for a long time. The woman finally showed up & told me to wait & when the shuttle came the driver fixed some brkfst. She ate & sped down the road to pick ppl up from Super8 nearly crashing a couple times w/ the curb. I couldve stayed at Super8. She drove erratically with a van load full of people and the whole experience was bad. I waited 25mins when I got back

   rachel, r   posted on 8/21/2014

the shuttle service was very slow on the return maybe because it's hard to recognize which shuttle it should be as it didn't have the name of the motel anywhere on the shuttle-so i may have missed it twice. i had to keep asking the driver if he was from super 8?? otherwise it was fine and the price was great. rachel

   Minji , L   posted on 8/20/2014

need a better staff and it was very poorly organize.

   Mary, C   posted on 8/19/2014

The shuttle was very prompt on the my trip to the airport but had to wait over 30 minutes for the shuttle pick up at the airport.

   remus, V   posted on 8/19/2014

   Mordechai, R   posted on 8/18/2014

   Carole, P   posted on 8/18/2014

We left on Sunday instead of Monday. We called the 800 number and they told us it would be about 15 minutes, after waiting over 30 minutes, I called again and they said it wouldn't be too much longer. A van drove up with another hotel name but with ours in small lettering. I stopped him and he took us back to the hotel even though he was picking up another person. The ride to the airport was good, but not the one back.

   Jeri , L   posted on 8/18/2014

On return, we called for shuttle and were told it was on its way, we parked at Super 8 and looked for a shuttle from Super 8. The operator never told us anything else, the shuttle from the Cambria was at zone 2 when we got to zone 2 and left without our knowing to get on it so we called the operator and had to wait another 30 minutes for the shuttle to come back. Next time I will pay the extra $20 for the old Park and ride service

   Richard, M   posted on 8/16/2014

Shuttle service was superior to any I've experienced before. Shuttle to airport was prompt. I only had a 5 minute wait on my return trip and they took me right to my car so I didn't have to carry my bags very far att all. Thank You for the great service.

   Myeshia, S   posted on 8/16/2014

Because my car would be parked for an extended period, I had to leave my car keys. Upon my return, I was told my car had to be moved. As I attempted to leave, my remote wouldn't work and my car wouldn't start. Someone left on a light. My battery was dead. I was told by the front desk attendee that there were no jumper cables available and my Mercedes roadside assistance charged $75 to come out and give me a boost. I am extremely disappointed, dissatisfied, and frustrated.

   Mark, R   posted on 8/15/2014

Very swift service and very pleasant drivers.

   Janna, H   posted on 8/15/2014

We called for shuttle two times and waited about 30- 45 minutes for pick up.

   wayne, S   posted on 8/14/2014

waited 45 minutes for the shuttle

   Phil, P   posted on 8/14/2014

A good value!! Everything went well even though our plane arrived late-way after the airport closed.

   Debbie, W   posted on 8/14/2014

They were re-doing the parking lot at the Super 8 so we had to park at another hotel. The Super 8 is usually full and in the past we always have to park at a neighboring hotel.

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